Pink argyle pattern

A argyle pattern is so perfect, because it works in every color and you can do some awesome combinations. I used pink and black, very simple. I paint it by hand, but you can use scotch tape to do the “squares” if you want. To do the black stripes, I like to use a striping brush, but a detail brush work just fine if that’s what you prefer.  Image For this design I used Fair Dinkum Pinkum – OPI, Holy Pink Pagoda – OPI and Liquid Leather – China Glaze. I love Holy Pink Pagoda, it is such a cute and girly pink. As you may see, it has a light shimmer to it. Image     I do like this mani. It’s simple, but a really fun design. Next time, I think I’m going to do it with stronger colors. This design is pretty sophisticated with these colors and appropriate for work. But I do feel like this design would work so well in stronger colors that pop more. Maybe I will do is this summer with some neons. Image

Soft gradient

This is a typical spring manicure. I wanted to use my pastels, so I picked two of my favorite polishes and made a gradient with them. I think a gradient always works and it is so easy to do. The best thing to use is a makeup sponge, but you can use a kitchen sponge too. However, when the sponge is bigger you can get a textured effect, especially if you do several layers. I think it looks good with some texture, but I don’t want it on all my gradients.ImageThe polishes I used are Fair Dinkum Pinkum – OPI and Factory Girl – Color Club. I layered them over white, since they are both a bit sheer. They are two of my favorite nail polishes. I am even considering getting a second bottle of the OPI, I’ve already used a lot of it! Image

Crazy green

Spring is here! I’m really starting to get in to my pastels and neons, but I’m still going to use all my dark polishes to. I normally don’t pick polish pending on the season, I pick after my mood. This mani however, is my first neon of the year! This is the first time I use this green as a base and I love it! It’s really in your face, like a neon should. I made a black pattern on top.ImageThe polishes I used are The Lime Starts Here – Color Club and Liquid Leather – China Glaze. I did use a white under it, so the color would pop! I’m not sure how many coats it would need on its own. I do want to promote the black polish from China Glaze. It is totally amazing! It is opaque in one thick coat. The result is naturally better if you paint to thin ones, but you can definitely get away with one coat. Image Image

Blue, and looking for indies

Hi guys! So todays nails is a simple blue stripe mani. I wanted something simple, but fun. For some reason I’m really in to blue right now, so you will probably see a few more blue manis in the near future.ImageTo do this mani I simply used a striping brush.I’m still learning to control a striping brush, but I think I did okay on this manicure. And I totally love it in the sun! The dark blue and the silver stripes are so sparkly. The turquoise base also have a silver shimmer in it, but once it is on the nail, you can’t really tell. It’s to bad. ImageThe polishes I used are: Naughty Nautical – Essie(base color),  White Out – China Glaze (white),  Icicle – China Glaze (silver),  Eyes Like Sapphires – China Glaze (dark blue)ImageLately, I’ve been wanting to try some Indie brands. However, you really can’t find indies in Sweden. So, does anyone know a good website where you can order them? Preferably a European site, so the shipping is cheaper. Do you have a favorite indie brand that I should try? Some tips would be awesome. 



The olympic games

I’m a big fan of everything nail polish related. But I’m a even bigger fan of sports! I love the olympic games and especially the winter games. I wanted to do a olympic-themed nail. To be honest, I knew right away that a rainbow gradient was the right thing. Last summer one of Swedens athletes, Emma Green Tregaro, wore rainbow nails to the World Championship as a protest against the anti-gay laws in Russia. Every law that suppresses someones rights is wrong in my opinion. I think everyone should be equally treated, no matter how you live your life. Naturally this is not a problem in Russia alone, it’s a problem in so many countries around the world. But people should act against it if they can. So, I’m following Emmas example.  ImageMy camera is not so good, so the green color between the yellow and the blue doesn’t really show. I did not put purple in there since I don’t have all of my nail polishes home right now. Apparently, I did not manage to bring a singe purple polish with me.ImageThe polishes I used for this mani was Magnifico Mexico(red) by OPI, Get Your Lem-On(yellow) , Factory Girl(blue), both from Color club and Highlight Of My Summer(green) from China Glaze.

back on track

Sorry for not posting in a while. I have had a rough month and I took some time of from blogging and nail art. I have moved and I’m starting to get back on track again. Now I feel like I’m ready to go back to the blog and doing more nail art!

This manicure is just a simple french manicure with some silver, holographic glitter. From time to time, I like to do something a bit more on the “plain” side. I do love a good french mani or a beige nail polish, but I like colors so much more. I often get tired of my nails in just a day if they are to plain. But you have to mix it up sometimes.


To do this mani I used a thin coat of Fair Dinkum Pinkum from OPI, White Out from China Glaze and Jo Is In The House from H&M.

Tinsel Town



My new manicure is a mix of turquoise stripes on a grey base. It’s painted by hand(since I need to practice). I think it turned out cool, even though I wish I had used a more neon turquoise so it would pop more. 


The grey it Tinsel Town, a totally awesome grey with a tons of silver glitter. I can’t stress how awesome this polish is! The turquoise is Turned Up Turquoise, also from China Glaze. This polish dries matte, but I used top coat.





I’m not going to write more about this, since I have so munch studying to do :(